A given optimization task modelling of fixed route moving units with smart and GIS tools

OData support
Dr. Kovács Kálmán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

With the expansion of NGN architecture, practical and user-oriented applications and services can be designed by the sector of ICT. Designing and implementing a monitoring system which belongs to this technological area, requires complex engineering knowledge, which includes demands of users and business sector.

In the first part of my thesis I am going to write about given parts of ICT in order to design a model of an overall monitoring problem. After that I have to create my own model of a special monitoring task, which can manage moving units and organizers on a given long-term running competition.

In the process of modelling I have to use several IT engineering aspects in order to choose the most appropriate mobile communication, positioning, data processing and visualization components. I have to use the knowledge of ICT, GIS and statistics, which I had learnt in the M.Sc. course in BUTE, as well as the possibilities of smart, mobile devices. In this paper I am going to present my design via own-implemented applications, in which appear data measuring, data process, statistical evaluation and visualization.

The support of the runners of the competition, and the activities of the organizers was the primary goal of my work. The results of measured, processed and analysed, real-time data can improve the performance of athletes, medical services as well as the efficiency of the logistical activities of the organizers.

I complete my writing the development and application possibilities of my model, as well as vision of the future.


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