Public transport routing for iOS

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

These days, most people use the public transport network when their daily tasks demand traveling. Although in the past decade, the GPS-based automatic navigation systems became prevalent among drivers, and in the field of road transportation; this is not the case for public transportation.

While there are available vendor-specific online route-planning systems, these are usually uncomfortable to use, require internet-connection or planning prior traveling. The recent advances in the smartphone market and the support for open standards (like Google's "General Transit Feed Specification") by public transport service providers made it possible to create a user-friendly, smartphone-based route-planning solution, which the users can carry with themselves, while traveling across the city.

However currently, for the iOS platform, there aren't any applications which support dynamic routing on the Budapest public transportation network. The current solutions offer only static information, so they are by no means different from a digital timetable.

I'm writing this thesis with the intent to create a solution for offline, station-to-station, dynamic route-planning, based on the timetables by the Centre for Budapest Transport. The discussion will include several problems, like the compact and efficient storage of the timetable-information as a graph (considering the limited resources of smartphones); the development and analysis of the algorithm for finding the optimal routes; the setup of server-side components for periodic timetable-updates; and the problems of integrating a reusable, layer-based architecture (ISO C++ core and iOS-specific interface) on the iOS platform.


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