Failure detection and analysis in the manufacturing of LTCC circuits

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Dr. Horváth Eszter Edit
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays the electronics technology goes throw a powerful changing. This is the most developing section in the world. But the producers have to spend much more money for the testing, and detecting the standard defects of the products. They want to make reliable, cheap and small sized products. But this is not the only aspect. The manufacturers have to be very fast, because of the other companys. They can steal the free market easily, if the procedures need much more time for the work than the average.

In my work I analyse the low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate (LTCC). I researched about the typical manufacturing defects of the LTCC substrate. Particularly the delaminations of the co-firing were analysed.

I designed a multi-layered ceramic electronic circuit, and I made the qualitative examinations on it. I compared the datas with the study. After that I can filter the defects of the circuit designing, and the producing. With this method I can manufacture a defect-free LTCC substrate.


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