Electric design of a production hall

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays electric power systems are developing with technology, that is why it is not possible to build up electric energy systems without planning and calculations. To create undisturbed systems we need to choose suitable equipments. We have to consider a lot of standards of Electrical installations of buildings during planning, therefore the system will be stable, well working and it will have well electric shock protection. Moreover we can not forget specifications of power supplier.

We have to pay attention to continuous and safety electric power supply and other tasks for example illumination values, correct values of voltage and current, wire cross-sections, work up distributor during planning.

We can eliminate typical faults with expert planning, because in the end of planning we get correct plans and lists of component for construction, so we will not mount unnecessary equipments and everything takes the correct place. We can save money, time and effort with good planning. This is very important in this world.

Because of decrease of fossil fuels, renewable energy source systems come into more general use. Electric energy producing systems are applied many places to provide own energy requirements.

I present in my diploma to planning a building electrical installation, with right calculations and standards. After that I will show how it is possible to connect power supplier system with our renewable energy producing system.


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