Implementing a maintenance module to YouTrack issue tracking system

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The technical developments, that I have accomplished can contribute to the increasing efficiency demanded by the dinamic expansion of the Budapest Airport, because a whole labour process can be substituted with them.

With the usage of the application, the authorized user records the detected errors directly in electronic forms, eliminating the paper based note-taking. The process simplifies, it’s speed accelerates, therefore the reaction time decreases.

The tasks, which are uploaded onto the issue-tracking system of YouTrack, are immediately available to those, who are responsible for the solution. The entire process is easy to survey, all stages of the performance can be reviewed afterwards, additionally the production of particular statistics is also possible.

In the application, a well arranged chart-interface is accessible to the users, which is even able to run on touchscreen. The access is only available to users with a particular permission, which fits into the strict security protocol of the company. These persons are presented in the central autentication system used by the corporation, in the Microsoft Active Directory. On the surface of the developed application, it is possible to locally regulate the user’s rights, and the administration of the checklist, too.

The application includes a Node.js based server and a client written in HTML, CSS, as well as JavaScript languages, whereas the previously mentioned one offers a REST API to the last mentioned, making the overall communication possible. The backend does different operations on the YouTrack system via it’s REST API, and requests data, which appear on the frontend. To support the work of the users a Clover ETL loader was also developed. This provides the arrival information of the airplanes for certain checklists.


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