Efficient logging of message exchanges and statistics generation for TitanSim performance tests

OData support
Dr. Adamis Gusztáv
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The TTCN–3 language is used by many companies around the world to write tests. Ericsson Hungary Ltd. is one of these companies where at the Test Competence Center section the Titan and TitanSim are being developed. Titan compiles and runs tests written in TTCN–3 language. To facilitate the development process, the various utilities in it help the user. TitanSim is a framework for simulating users, servers and their traffic in the telecommunications industry. While running tests, entities are generating a lot of messages that are currently stored in a file. This storage method is not very effective when it comes to retrieving data.

The purpose of my thesis is to design a database schema for storing such data, and then create that with a database management system. In addition to the storage, it was part of the task to write application for the retrieval of records. It should be user-friendly and provide a graphical interface for ease of use so that developer work is greatly facilitated.


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