Electrical design of a shop

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My project work was to plan the new electricity systems of stores, which are located in different shopping centers. These shops belong to the same investor, which is a key player in the telecommunication sector. During the design I pursued to adhere to the current, valid standards and regulations, most of them are EU standards as well, so currently they are only available in English.

I gradually realised during the design project, that the three shops – KÖKI Terminál, Pólus Center and Árkád in Győr- had similar tasks, however they can be much different at the same time.

At first I have made an academic overview at the begining of each chapter and I have presented the relevant standards, then completed the design task. In the first chapter after the introduction I have designed the lighting of the store, after an introduction of the basic concepts of lighting.

In the third chapter I have scrutinized the needs of the electricity consumers according to investor request and I have adjusted it to the floor-plan, which I got from the architect-designers.

In the fourth chapter I have chosen the appropiate lines based on the summarized power demand, which I have examined for voltage drop. Finally I have determined the circuits and have drown the distribution line plan. In the next chapter I presented the the electrical devices, which I designed to the shops, than I explain the shock protection.

The Hungarian Chamber of Engineers declare, that unpriced budget plan is necessary for every contrustion plan, so I described it in the last chapter.


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