Examining Business Intelligence Solutions in Socail Networks

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My diploma thesis deals with two major subjects. The first subject is developing applications with the platform of the Facebook social network. The second subject is to use a business intelligence software to analyze the data, which was acquired from the social network.

First I studied about the Facebook platform. I learned and tried the Facebook PHP and JavaSctipt APIs. Then I created some simple and one more complex Facebook application with the use of PHP and MySQL. I have studied the database model of the entities in Facebook such as users, pages, events and I also studied how to query this data. I implemented a system which queries and stores this data.

I realized how much interesting information is available on Facebook about users, their habits, hobbies and activites. I wished to find a method to analyze this data. Using a business intellegence (abbrevatation: BI) system seemed to be a good solution for this. I got to know the theoritical background of business intelligence and also learned about two BI platforms. From the two systems I selected Microsoft SQL Server, which I used to analyze the data the Facebook users published. To achieve the analyzation functionality of the platform, I applied all the typical steps of business intelligence system development. I created a data warehouse, which I filled up with data with the use of ETL processes. In addition I defined OLAP cubes on the data warehouse, which were the source of later data analyzis. With the use of four different softwares I created reports about the data. I also integrated a report into a Facebook application.


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