Design and Implementation of a Business Data Upload Application for Modern Integration Platforms

OData support
Dr. Czirkos Zoltán
Department of Electron Devices

This thesis demonstrates the background, planning and implementation of, as well as the problems that have emerged related to a modern enterprise integration solution by presenting the ever growing trend of cloud computing and, especially, of Software as a Service (Saas).

In order to that the thesis puts special emphasis on the demands of a big enterprise’s environment, and presents the project’s implementation as a case study that demonstrates how the utilised tools and principles meet these demands.

The literature review in the thesis employs a top-down approach to highlight the various levels of the subject, including the history and the main factors of cloud computing’s growing popularity, the classification of cloud computing’s several sub-types, and the main characteristics of this sort of service.

It also addresses the growing market penetration of SaaS services, APIs’ answers to the questions raised by this phenomenon, attempts and methods to achieve a uniformity of APIs, as well as ways to define and describe APIs.

I also demonstrate step by step what demands an up-to-date integration system needs to meet in a big enterprise environment.

Within the framework of this project I design a data uploading software for businesses that integrates the existing infrastructure of a hypothetical enterprise and Google My Business system. Then I implement the designed application on a modern integration platform (MuleSoft).

At the end of the thesis I evaluate the application’s implementation, taking into consideration to what degree it has met the specifications on one hand, and the previously presented corporate demands on the other.


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