Visualization of business application's state

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The purpose of my dissertation is to present a tool that can be used to visualize the internal state of business applications. During the dissertation, i got to know with several different systems so i could choose one, based on their positive and negative outlook of the business life. I'm describing the technology which I select and the advantages of using it so the companies can gain profit as much as they can. Different applications use different technologies, so monitoring these can be a great challenge. In addition, because of the high data volumes, simple numeric values are sometimes useless and uninterpretable without the knowledge of the whole system, or the operating team has no or little access at all the information which are relevant to them. These cases can be solved by a technology that can visualize these data. After deeper knowledge of the selected technology, I will present a demo business application. The demo system must be uploadable with data and their status must be retrievable. The loaded data can be handled in different states which can be separated from each other and the route can be performed in a predetermined order. By means of the selected technology, I represent the status of the data uploaded system and i am going to document these results in detail.


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