Model-based, correlated evaluation of business processes and IT infrastructure

OData support
Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Organizations uses business processes during executing some of their activities. These processes can contain many kinds of steps depending on the task. Some of the steps use informatics and human resources. It could be a task to determine if our resources (human and machine) are able to support the execution of the process. To ensure that the business processes are able to complete the tasks we should check some requirements. There some „best practice” collections to help determining the requirements to check.

To check all the requirements manually would be a very long exercise. I developed a framework which is able to automate this functionality. This collects all necessary information about the available IT infrastructure, process models and human resource models. The requirements will be evaluated on the set of the collected data with a high performance rule engine system. The framework also contains some useful predefined requirements.

The usage of this system can give real advantages when we design a new process or system or making some significant modifications in the infrastructure. With the tool we can realize some complex problems during the design phase. By resolving the problems in design phase we can decrease the operational costs.


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