Model driven monitoring of business processes

OData support
Dr. Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Along with Business Process Modeling based design there is an emerging need for the business level monitoring of these systems Insight and feedback of the processes and their status are essential therefore, a primary motivation for this work was investigating and elaborating methods for observability of the processes.

Furthermore, there is a need for automatizing the conformance testing, i.e. requirements are set up and checked by software means. Analysis may reveal inappropriate behaviour for certain processes, for instance, increased execution time may indicate problems.

The human involvement in observation and analysis can be reduced by further improvement of the system. Feedback may be provided by business processes and the infrastructure. These sorts of improvements are aimed at realizing more dependable and robust systems.

I gained profound experience in the subject of business process management during writing the thesis. After the necessary study of related literature I realized a development and testing environment for modeling and executing business processes.

I also provided a monitoring (partly open source components, partly my development) system that helped with observing and analyzing business processes I created. Key performance indicators (KPI) were defined for business processes of typical composing elements and evaluated by executing the process multiple times. I provided customized templates for the jBPM reporting tool that allowed further analysis report.


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