Business processes supported by IT applications

OData support
Marton József Ernő
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The subject of my master thesis is supporting the new customer creation process at a chosen company by IT tools. The previous customer creation process was going on via email – a solution that has many drawbacks. My goal was to specify, design and implement the new customer creation workflows which allow the company to create customers in a more efficient way than before. It is expected to create a cost-effective solution which reduces the lead time of the entire process and makes it traceable by using reporting functions.

During my work I reviewed the features of workflow management systems and the SAP customer creation process to get to know the features and best practices available in a general system as well as in a task-specific ERP subsystem. I analyzed the Know Your Customer methodology to implement a complying workflow. I was driving discussions with the business to collect parameters and requirements that should be taken into account during the process. As a result I wrote the business and functional specifications approved by the company and I designed the new customer creation workflow. Finally I implemented the workflows in a workflow management system independent from the company’s ERP system and I successfully tested them against the defined test scenarios. The evaluation of the new solution happened from IT and economic perspectives.

Summarizing my results I implemented 3 different customer creation workflows for Sold-To, Ship-To and Payer / Bill-To customer parties and I created one main report for monitoring the whole process. I also provided a process step time report for analyzing the lead time and improving the process by identifying the critical points and outliers in the process.

The new workflows support the daily work of decision-makers by reducing significantly the lead times, ensuring the traceability and transparency of the process and providing a continuous control over the customers. This ensures the company to establish and follow compliant new account opening process which conforms also to all legal requirements and audits. The final result is a solution which can be used for long-term and flexible enough to be easily modified according to the needs of the company and legal requirements thus helping to realize the fundamental business goals.


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