Design and development of Business Intelligence system with Android support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Personal information is collected about people almost everywhere. A new and rich source is smartphones. The data from smartphones says a lot about the owner, because phones became integral part of everyday life.

Business intelligence systems are a good choice for managing the data, because their area of use continues to grow, and even some smaller players’ free, open-source software comes with great functionality.

In my bachelor’s thesis I have designed and implemented a system that is capable of storing, processing and generating reports from the data collected by its clients.

I analyzed the ethical and professional issues connected to the collection of personal data, and made an Android application, which gathers and transmits the available information about any application’s starting, installation and deletion events.

I presented and compared to each other the most important business intelligence players’ products and selected one, which I examined and utilized to solve the problem. I integrated the information-collecting clients, then built up a data warehouse capable of storing all the data, and prepared the transformations necessary for the ETL process.

The system was tested by preparing reports, including simple graphs, tables, and maps, which can visualize location information.


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