Business intelligence system for software development projects

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The main reason why business enterprises phase in Business Intelligence systems is to enhance the accessibility of their existing data, enabling them to access it in an easier, faster and broader manner (displayed in a form that is appropriate for their job). Usually, in software development projects, data and information (like progress of the project or the duration of specific function related tasks) can be found in various systems, version control panels and project management tools.

In my thesis my endeavor is to create a complex system, which can extract information from the source system, serve and handle ad-hoc queries and send reports via pre-set e-mails. The specific task of the system is to monitor bugs created in the Mantis system, and send e-mail notifications if a given issue haven’t been resolved until a specific deadline. Furthermore, primary task of the system is to create overview reports of the working hours in the Redmine and Jira systems.

During my work, I examined the Mantis, Redmine and Jira systems, mapped and listed the databases behind these systems, and how can I most efficiently access and extract the relevant information. Subsequently, I familiarized myself with an open source Business Intelligence (BI) system called Pentaho, comprising its main components, features and usage. With the help of this knowledge I designed the structure of the system and its components. As an outcome of the implementation phase a system have been created, which, with the help of the Pentaho system’s tools, can send pre-set, tailored reports about the bugs not resolved in the Mantis system. Furthermore, it also can list work times as a developer or project reported in Redmine or Jira, grouped by time intervals.


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