Development of a system for measuring and evaluating business logic for iOS and Android

OData support
Sik Tamás Dávid
Műszaki Pedagógia Tanszék

Due to the rapid development of computing, smartphones are getting stronger and more accessible to people. These portable devices have many obvious advantages, and because of the growing market, an infinite type of applications has appeared. One type of these software is the one which us to get to know and to develop our skills.

In business, you could also get a lot ofuseful knowledge with skill developing software, but in vain because these kind of applications are missing or they have little penetration ont he market. It gave me a further motivation in choosing this theses topic as I could create a unique product and with the help of it I could break into an area that is not yet occupied by others.

In my thesis, I would like to introduce an application created in parallel to iOS and Android platforms. I introduce the main components of the two largest operating systems, from development environments to programming languages. It goes from design to implementation, detailing the problems and solutions I was looking at. Finally, I look at the server-side component that both software relies on.


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