Design of the electric supply for a shopping centre

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Within the scope of my thesis, my task is to design the electricity supply of a fictitious shopping centre regarding the usual standards and regulations.

It seems from the size of the centre that it doesn’t belong to the biggest ones, it would rather suit a smaller town or a less busy district, although I believe we need such centres as well.

At the beginning of the dissertation, I present how I imagined the architecture of the building, each level individually. I specially mention each room and what kind of purpose they will serve.

After that I list all the standards and regulations on that we have to pay attention, especially the fire safety regulations.

In the next part of my dissertation, I determine the energy demand of the whole shopping center and I calculate it for each room individually. From the results, I have sized the transformer, and formed the input of the Middle Voltage.

In the next step I drew the internal network path. I created the distribution unit, with special regard for the unit in downstairs. The cables starting from here are dimensioned for voltage drop, current load and type.

Finally in the last chapter, I mentioned, how this thesis could be further improved and what part of the design I haven’t mentioned.


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