V2X application development for cooperative intelligent transport systems

OData support
Dr. Bokor László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays we hear a lot about self-driving car, like Google Car and the new Hyun-dai Genesis. These cars do not need a human driver. Present these vehicles make only autonomous decisions, they cannot communicate with each other directly. So they are not able to share the events and hazardous places, which they detected. With this fea-ture these cars can make more accurate and more reliable decisions, because they can use more information, not just that they observe with their sensors. But this technology can use the other vehicles too, not just the self-driving cars. Nowadays there are some solu-tions to communicate the vehicles and notify the driver for the hazardous situation. So the driver can avoid the accident and the dynamic of the traffic can increase. This appli-cation can warn the driver when overtaking, or when the driving conditions changing or when an emergency vehicle appears in the neighbourhood.

In this thesis I will examine the last one. In the first part I will introduce the coopera-tive vehicle communications, and I present the use cases and protocols of this technolo-gy. The second part of my thesis will present an emergency vehicle approaching applica-tion. In this test system I will demonstrate a use case, where a car will stop as soon as it detect they would cross each other’s track. The ambulance will broadcast message which the car can use to make decisions about the stop. In the test system I will use a real device a Commsignia V2X OBU, which will make the communication between the vehicles.


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