Implementing and testing a V5 protocol module

OData support
Dr. Adamis Gusztáv
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During the work with my thesis I have implemented the V5.1 and V5.2 protocol module and prepared the abstract data structures that can be encoded and decoded by the RAW encoder/decoder, which is provided by the TITAN compiler. I have also created a lot of test cases to prove the correctness of the protocol module.

To achieve these, I had to learn about the TTCN-3 programming language developed by ETSI. The base of this development was ISO’s TTCN-1 and TTCN-2. ETSI extended it to be able to be used in more general tasks. The TTCN-3 provides opportunity to define abstract data structures and describe and create own test environments. When I was learning about the TTCN-3, I had to learn about the RAW encoder/decoder, as well.

I had to understand the concept of the conformance testing and the definition of the protocol module. I also had to learn the working of the V5.1 and V5.2 protocols, their place in the network and their message structures. The V5 interface takes place between the Local Exchange and the Access Network in the ISDN networks and defines the messages that can be exchanged there. These messages are mainly responsible for the management of the link and the creation of the connection between the two points.

In my thesis I will explain the previously mentioned topics, I will provide a basic knowledge to the reader about the TTCN-3, TITAN, RAW and about the task of the V5 and its behavior. After this, I will write about my concrete work, and about the design part and the implementation part. I will show how to develop and test a protocol module by giving a concrete example.


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