Computer Aided Support of Tasks of VFX Films Asset Management

OData support
Dr. Kovács Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In general, production processes are trying to optimize three important factors. They want to produce quick, cheap and quality products. So it is with the VFX film production.

The VFX film production is a very complex process. There are three main phases: PreProduction, Production, Postproduction, these phases contain lot of work units and the work unites include a number of tasks. The tasks output is usually generated in digital form (asset), which should provide a platform and software portability. These assets usually have several versions and it is important to know which are approved and notify the user if newer approved versions are produced.

The previous problem implies that it is necessary to automate and manage the filmmaking process. For example, automate the rendering process, and the texture conversion depending on the render engine. In the field of management, version control and access management is the key to solve organizational problems. To be effective, it is worth examining the possibilities of the programming of the used software. The format of assets should also be carefully selected so it is worth to examine the following aspects: size, speed, human readability.

The management will resolve the problem so we always know where to look for what, which assets are the last approved versions and only competent people are able to access and edit assets.

The rendering process optimization saves time for users and avoiding the possibility of human mistakes.

The asset management system makes the organization much more efficient so the company can make better use of resources and more complex works can be undertaken. The automation helps the new staff learn faster, as the intuitive user interface provides only the relevant information.

These steps are important elements of any VFX company that works on serious productions.


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