VHDL-based microprocessor model development

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Dr. Horváth Péter
Department of Electron Devices

VHDL is one of the most widely used, standardized hardware description language. We can design hardware with the use of VHDL from behavioral level (algorithm description) through the register transfer level (data flow) to the structural level (gate level).

During the semester, I prepared a microprocessor RTL level model. I choose Harvard architecture and RISC instruction set. The development is based on a PIC microcontroller instruction set.

The system is divided into two main units, to the operation unit and control unit. The operation unit is carried out by data flow, as well as data and program memory is linked. The control unit is responsible for to output the control signals determined by the current instruction.

The microprocessor operation is proved by simulations. I checked each component individually, and then made the system level simulation model. The behavioral, the post-mapping and the post-routing simulations confirmed the correct operation of the model.


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