Tuning of VHF-band wave propagation models

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Szalay Zoltán Attila
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

My thesis aims the tuning of a wave propagation model in the field of wireless and mobile telecommunication systems for spectrum efficient applications. The spectrum is a finite and expensive resource, therefore, it is required to create radio systems, where we reuse the frequency in space. However, we must know the exact field of the transmitters working on the same frequency to avoid the interference, as well as, we need to know the coverage area of the transmitter. The key issue is to understand the field of the transmitter, which is inevitable for well-approximated propagation models. The accuracy of the models depends strongly on the environment, where they are used. In order to create technically and economically optimal radio systems, the models should be tuned to the environment in which you want to use them.

In the future, it is necessary to increase the number of new cellular systems to grant growing service demands. More efficient utilization of the new systems will be required. To achieve this, new and more accurate propagation models are needed, as well as, experts who are able to tune them.

In my thesis, I present the basic physical theory of wave propagation and summarize the behavior of fundamental propagation models. I demonstrate the digital map databases, which are utilized for the calculation of the field of the transmitters. Subsequently, I present the implemented, own-designed wave propagation model, which is based on the Okumura-Hata in MATLAB environment. The results of simulation and measurement are compared. Eventually, I tune the parameters of the expression to the experimental data and I evaluate the accuracy of the fitted model.


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