VNF embedding algorithms over multiple domains

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The cloud based computing provides widely accessible services in virtualised computing and storage services. The controller algorithms of cloud (orchestration) and the virtualisation layers guarantee the flexible working and the optimal hardware usage. On the other hand the renovation or the flexible amend of network services depend on subscriber preferences is still takes mutch time. There are no built-in scaling function and most of the time it based on creating a specific hardware. The Network Function Virtualization would like to place network functions on clearly software based solutions to make the most of cloud based computing's adventages.

This document contains the description of designig, implementing and testing a Network Function mapper algorithm. The program was written in Python programming language uses the version 2.7 and builds upon the NetworkX graph manipulator package. The algorithm was made uses heuristic consideratioins to perform the orchestration. It does not provide optimal solution however it takes account of the determined latency, bandwith and the resources such as processor, memory and storage.


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