Reaction Time Measurement Equipment

OData support
Dr. Gärtner Péter
Department of Electron Devices

My task was to design and create a device which is capable of measuring choice reaction time for light stimuli , decides whether the choise is correct and propagate these informations to a computer via USB cable. On the PC side a software controlling the data flow, offers opportunity to save data and provides a visual representation for the measurement results.

The core of the system is a 8bit microcontroller which communicates with the software running on the PC, using serial port. Since the device is connected to the pc via USB cable it was necessary to integrate an USB-TTL converter to the system.

At first, i studied the literature regarding to reaction time, then i made an action plan for the execution. This was followed by making a circuit diagram and design the PCB layout in Eagle 7.0. After creating the PCB by hand i assembled and tested the hardware. The controlling software was written in C using AVR Studio. The PC software was made in Qt Creator using C++ language for the program and XML for the user interface.


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