Development of an internal notification and performance evaluation system for a company

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The subject of my thesis was to design and implement a HR supporting software. The software, of course, does not solve all the problems of the HR division, it focuses on one specific area, which is performance evaluation inside a company.

The resulting software works in cooperation with a known online form managing system, so the HR workers do not have to learn a new and probably more complicated form handling system. It will also a perfect solution to the participants as my software won’t affect their lives at all.

This application does not only download and show the given datas to the user, but it can also process said data and thus, further steps can be taken based on results. The software is capable of sending mails to the participants with different themes depending on the current state of the performance evaluation. When it starts, the application offers the user to send some information about the evaluation to all of the participants, for example the form url, or the deadline. Similarly, when it gets close to the end, the software offers the user to send remember mail, that is, to send a mail to everyone, who has not completely filled it yet.

After all the mails and data processing, the application creates a PDF evaluation document for every participant, which contains how the colleagues evaluated him/her.

My thesis describes the whole developing process of the application detailed above. In this thesis I will specify the project requirements and the technologies I used. The thesis also demonstrates my main design decisions, and how the resulting application looks and works like.


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