Supporting enterprise build and release management in distributed software develompement

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In this paper, I demonstrate the designing, testing and implementation of an application that helps in the last steps of development processes. The application focuses mainly on reducing the need of manual steps in the process that transforms the human readable code written by the developer into a usable turnkey product. Make all this complete with integration of external system that are help making the related business work even more fluid.

My work consist of a database, a client side Angular framework based user interface and a RESTful like .NET and C# based API that serves the former and integrates the earlier mentioned external system used by company environment. The solution also includes a console application that helps in the automation through calling the server side.

In the first chapter, I write about the basics of theoretical knowledge related to the work including topics like configuration and dependency management or version control. In the later parts of this chapter, I show some similar solutions (Jenkins, Visual Studio Team Services) to mine that are helped me in the design phase.

In the second part, I write about the planned functions and external systems (LDAP, Redmine, and Apache Subversion) that are integrated into the main application. After this, I will be able to show the own architecture of the application and the concrete technics, conventions, patterns and technologies I used in the development phase. Built on this, I can present the completed functions, the modules behind these and the logic that integrates all this into a working application. Because the backbone of the application is the server side, the client side got an independent, overall, summary chapter.

In the last chapters I write about the testing phase, thoughts about how to make the solution better and more innovative. Finally yet importantly, I summarize my results and rate my work.


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