Implementing an asset procuration process in IBM BPM environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

I have been studying the solutions of IBM BPM while designing the tool application process. I have become acquainted with the technological solution of tools provided by BPEL and BPMN. I took a special interest in IBPM. In order to implement the tool application process I have regularly been meeting with my consultant. Together we went over all the designing and technical difficulties. At first we created the exact specification of the task that had to be solved. Then I designed the datamodel and the plans that were needed for the implementation of processes. Finally I created my own tool application process with the help of IBPM.

During the phases of research, design and implementation I got a glimpse into the information technological solutions of IBM BPM. I also got to know the development tool called IBM Process Designer, which is provided by IBM for the purpose of designing IBPM processes. This knowledge may prove to be very useful later in my future career when developing process based applications.


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