Supporting enterprise business process with Windows Workflow technology

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Microsoft Workflow Foundation introduces new approaches to certain programming problems. Using this framework in the right way makes it a very powerful programming tool.

During development in Workflow Foundation the need may arise to modify the created Worfklows without the need of the complete development workspace with Visual Studio. This makes a simple program that is able to modify Workflows on it’s own quite useful.

Such program is the EditorView, developed by me. The requirements for this tool was:

1. It shall be able to load and edit XAML based Workflows.

2. The Editor shall be able to add custom Activities to the loaded Workflow from a convenient user interface.

3. The program shall detect the changes of the assembly file that contains the loaded Activities and notify the user.

4. The loaded assemblis shall be configurable in a configuration file according to the actual development environment.

5. The program shall help the programmer in editing the workflows with an intellisense like feature.

The program got many useful and convenient features, some of which wasn’t an obvious at first.

In the end, it became a quite usable and well-proven program.


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