Corporate Carfleet and Travel Management System

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Several large companies suffer from the ever increasing cost of maintaining a car fleet constantly growing in unison with the numbers of their employees. At first I tought of the possibility of decreasing the number of cars while simultaneously increase their utilisation through a system that both provides classic pool car functionality, as well as fleet management options. But for a system of this magnitude, a customized on-board unit had to be made to be able to cater to every specific need.

I choose the designing and implementing a prototype of such a sytem as the theme of my thesis, keeping in mind, that some companies already have systems that need to be supported, so the device has to be a universal one as much as possible.

In the first part of the work, I write about the emergence of the original idea, in the second I present and discuss some already existing solutions. In the third chapter, I describe the planning process for the system, and the software running on it, then in the fourth chapter, the implementation of both of those. I give a detailed account about the testing of the final version of the on-board unit. And last but not least, I’ll address the possibility of furthert upgrades for the project in the future.


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