Design and implementation of company network reorganization by using Juniper equipment

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Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The thesis provides the basic aspects of redesining an existing, or desining a new computer network in case of a branch- or campus-sized infrastructure. It briefly summarizes key decisions to make during the project of this volume.

In my work I present a network redesigning project step by step, from studying the requirements given by a company to implementation of the network on the level of the data link and networking layers. In the past six months a similar project was organized in an existing company which I studied and it was the fundation of my thesis. During the designing stage I got acquainted with high-end technologies and their implementations relevant to this subject.

The primary objective of my work was to get known to the opportunities provided by the Juniper Networks enterprise. After the designing stage, which included both the logical designing and the studying of the network components, I assembled a demo network, which was capable of all the functions and configurations like a computer network in a real business environment.

In my thesis, I show the progress of the project by the designing steps I defined. In the beginning I rounded up and studied the vital difficulties we face, and what are the best practices in the field of network technologies. After the starting stage I measured all the requirements the company submitted towards its new network. Before proposing my solution, I collected what technologies are needed for solving the current problems, and using these solutions, I created a demo network, which I put under tests to validate my design.


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