Optimization of enterprise information technology processes using Lean methods

OData support
Hajdu István
Department of Electronics Technology

A hungarian advertisement company opened the door to have my thesis done. To see through this segment of the IT sector it is essential to understand complex procedures and to have great system approach. The labour in the developed office environment mostly rest on administrative processes, so the utilization of this work is getting more and more important.

An innovation project used Lean approach for more than 1 year to eliminate losses during the controlling process. The continous communication with the management during my work played a great part of my work, therefore I could develope my organizing and discussing skills.

The Pareto principle and the fish-bone diagram helped me to start, and to hedge the engenier work and the costumers values. Then I used PFMEA and Six Sigma methods to describe main conditions of the flow.

I used the Lean Hat sigma problem solving method - DMAIC (Deine, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) – to work out the sub-systems modell and I did the appointed analysises.

I postulated the SPC (Statistical Process Controll) method to choose parameters of the process to optimalize the performance and the reliability. During the abstraction I made a mathematical description based on a detalied statistical control and instrumentation technology.

I made numeric and analytic calculationes to evalulate the systems short,-and long-term functionings. I implemented the universal schemes into a Microsoft Excel chart to create a tool that helps in decision making, monitors and follows process parameters for the management.

The analyzed the systems long-term outcome with a script in the MATLAB according to the previously determined CTQ (Critical to Quality) parameter. I presented this work to the management and with their collaboration further opportunities could come to existence.

My thesis is to be out to aid the organizational decision making processes with scientific principles to improve complacency of the workers. During my examination I endeavored to improve the outcomes, so the operators and planners can focus on a narrower area.


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