Creating Enterprise Communication System Based on Microsoft Lync and Asterisk Integration

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

An enterprise unified communications system must comply a vast, and complex amount of tasks, making the internal information flow, and the external connectivity more effective.

We need to implement a well-desinged enviroment, which serves the users’s, and the organization’s business needs, providing global outbound availability for the company.

I have carried out my graduation paper at Abesse IT Consulting as a so called pilot project in production enviroment. Besides the utmost complete implementation, there was an accent on precise documentation, and on the future reproduction too.

The first phase of the work was rather research-like, gathering know-how in the technology field to prepare for the design phase. Most of the sytem planning follows a classical milestone-based deployment and integration process, which has a conceptual plan in the ending phase for testing the external connection possibilities based on the research results.

The implementation part has been smooth until the deployment of presence and external service connections, meaning that the above mentioned two topics required to be compromised.

Except for the problems meanwhile, all the planned main tasks have been carried out. The validation, and the detailed measurements results also complied the stated business and technology requirements.


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