Temporal analysis of inter-company chatting data

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The main goal throughout this documentation is to present a complex sociometric data

analysis process, based on real data, available through a straightforward, easy-to- use web

based framework, implemented as part of this thesis project. The concrete analysis process

carried out as a showcase of using the implemented platform, is a temporal examination of

data, gained from an actual company’s internal chatting system. To enable easy

understanding of the data, the document inspects constructed graph structures, charts. These

visualization methods all support efficient and clear information retrieval from the raw data,

showing quickly accessible insights.

The document is divided into five major parts:

1. Introduction chapter – contains the short introduction of the project carried out.

It offers a high-level overview of the project, helping the reader to get a hold of


2. Theoretical background chapter – contains the review of related basics in

mathematics, software engineering fields, forming a solid ground for

understanding the theory behind the project. Moreover, the used technologies,

external packages are listed and presented throughout this part of the


3. Design and implementation chapter – contains the detailed examination of

development, design, and implementation phase. This part covers the

important design decisions made, as well as the elaborated presentation of the

implemented system, supported by many descriptive figures.

4. Evaluation chapter – contains the actual evaluation step of the system

functionality, with also revealing insights, relations discovered in the example

dataset, using the implemented analysis platform.

5. Conclusion, future work chapter – contains future possible improvements and

planned further research projects based on the results, as well as the wrap up of

the work done during the project.


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