Investigating organizational social network with sociometric data analysis methods

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Due to the Internet’s rapid development in the 21th century the inner structure, and work culture of firms and companies have also changed in the last few years. Efficient communication and teamwork are getting more focus within organizations. It is the management’s and human resources experts’ responsibility to discover internal work relationships so they can make necessary changes if needed. Mapping social networks inside organizations requires both work-psychology and IT knowledge to process, understand and use all available data properly.

My thesis deals with the aforementioned data analysis problem and examines a real company’s internal structure and efficient communication among its co-workers, based on two different datasets.

In Chapter 1, I shortly introduce the main problem and purpose of my thesis. In Chapter 2, I present how the importance of data analysis in today’s information technology is more and more defining, as well as demonstrate its main uses, the steps of its implementation process and how to handle different types of data. In Chapter 3, I deal with the fields of work- and organizational psychology, sociometric analysis and social network analysis research, targeted by my data analysis task. In Chapter 4, I present my task in detail and its initial state, the examined data sets and the system design which implements the data analysing process. Chapter 5 deals with the presentation of tools and technologies that I used during my thesis. In Chapter 6, I disclose my work’s challenges and particularities, the implementation of the system’s design, thereby the data analysing process’ proper steps, as well as the analysis and comparison of the produced social networks. Finally in Chapter 7, I summarize the most important results and experiences of my thesis.


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