Extending enterprise monitoring system with smart watch application

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the rapidly developing technologies of mobile devices, they possess more and more capabilities recently. These may include inter alia, positioning, navigation or the near continuous internet connection, all of which provide opportunities to perform various tasks. Complementing of web or thick client user interface and the e-mail notifications, known from systems responsible for system monitoring, with mobile devices and smart watches, could significantly increase the information flow both towards the operator and the developer. With the help of mobile devices and smart watches, the reception of alerts and alarms could make the job of the developers and operators much more convenient, while it also reduces response time.

Regarding my thesis, I opt for the planning and implementation of such a system, which aims to broaden the system surveillance by the usage of mobile devices and smart watches, moreover it creates the opportunity to be integrated with any monitoring device by implementing a plugin attached to the system. My group of applications can transmit data, provided by the system monitoring devices, to mobile device and smart watch applications and is able to display them on screen. It includes several components, a server application, Android smart watch client and an Android smart phone client which is suitable for detailed data display, among them the communication happens via the internet. During the planning and implementation of the chosen surveillance system, which will be used for testing and integration is the Nagios.

Concerning the technical aspect, I decided to solve the problem by Java-based solutions. For the development of mobile client applications I used Android platform, while I chose JavaEE platform for the server application.

My thesis will discuss the detailed specification of the task, the demonstration of the used and known technologies and the details and restrictions of implementation. I have already examined and tested the system which will also be presented in my thesis. Hereafter, I will present the operation, the user specification and ultimately I will address the summary of the results and further developments and potentials.


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