Developement of an Enterprise Portal for Supporting Document Management and Webshop Capabilities

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

For small companies it's getting more and more important to take advantage of internet and networking solutions. A website for visitors and an internal working area for workers became a must.

In my thesis I’ve chosen a small business that wanted to create an internet site, a Webshop where visitors can order products, and an internal working area (intranet), where workers can manage documents and record customers, orders and the stockpile.

I began my work with planning and creating the infrastucture. After that I discussed the modules with the customer, and then I created and customized modules and testing for the whole system.

During my work I’ve built a SharePoint Foundation 2010 system, that’s able to function as an internet site. With that, I created a module that functions as a Webshop, I migrated the information pages of the business from the currently used website. In order to help the employees, I created four modules. Using the first they can manage the inventory in a simple, easy way and follow the value of the whole stockpile. The second module is created for the orders, where employees can track production status. Using the client management module we can manage each client, and decide what kind of discounts we can offer to them. Finally, the company is able to handle documents on SharePoint server in a clear way, and from now on managers can review reports from their employees on intranet.

My thesis begins with the specifications of the project, that’s followed by the description of necessary systems and functions. After that there is a study of webshops and document management systems in SharePoint. The implementation of the modules is the next part of my work, then I’ll present the testing procedure with test cases. The paper is closed by the summary, and the opportunity for further progress.


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