Designing and Implementing a Project Management Portal based on a Custom WCMS System

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Various activities of firms and enterprises may be interpreted as sets of projects, each of which requires successful coordination of numerous workers’ cooperation. To handle the great number of documents that may arise during this process is a sensitive and important task.

One of the management’s tasks is to assign resources (human resource, for instance) to different tasks in order to carry out a project in time effectively. Each project can be divided to many part-tasks composing one multi-layered unit to be brought out. These sub-tasks are concerned to different members or subsets of the workgroup to be carried out.

To handle the numerous sets of activities that occur during any project, enterprises and firms are in a special need of a project manager website that rests on a web-based content manager. In case of business managements it is indispensable to consider security and protection of user data as fundamental demands.

Main topic of the thesis hereby is the presentation of a project management portal that was created by using a web-based content manager system. The application endeavours to simplicity that ensures user-friendly attitude however contains all the most important functions. This thesis displays furthermore the main modules of the system, the user management, the project and task management as well as the planning of the timesheet unit.

This thesis is concerned with the definition of the content manager and the project manager system, beyond this it concerns presently reachable versions and types of these managers. The website which is built up by modules offers solution for managing copy right problems, version follow-up, group work activities and provides a user-friendly interface The thesis also reports on the experiences that were gained after the testing and the marketing of the system created.


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