Enterprise content management system (ECMS) for HR documents with Angular

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

I have always enjoyed making projects which are understandable for laymen as

well. Although I have taken part in a similar project during my internship, the present

project still requires

knowledge of different fields in order for me to develop it


During my previous works the hardest part was working as a team, this time I

had the opportunity to make my own decisions. Because of this, I sometimes created

problems for myself, that could have been avoided if I had chosen a better option.

Initially, when I was making plans for my application I thought it was problematic that

the content management system dealt with a lot of different types of metadata. In

addition, I felt that it would be difficult to implement the designs which I had imagined.

It was also unfamiliar to me that there were several predetermined requirements which

had to be considered.

During the development I realized that the frameworks provide an excellent

solution for the problems that appeared during the design phase. I realized that with the

help of Reactive Forms I can manage a large number of metadata in a convenient way

and the design could be easily implemented with Angular Material Components based

on the Material Guidelines.

Finally, I think that the complete application satisfies the expectations one can

have for a content management system and a layman would be able to use it for real

work after a relatively short period of learning.


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