Corporate product catalog on iOS platform

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The popularity of mobil devices is growing day by day. They play a significant role in a person's life, makint the everyday tasks easier. From the big mobile platforms, the iOS operation system, which is developed by Apple, or rather the device that is using it, the iPhone has a dominant weight in the global market. The iPhone is prevailing, some consider it a status symbol. In the first half of my thesis I delineate the growth of iPhone by the major versions, then I as a conclusion I try to summarise how the iPhone could have achieved such success. Finally I review the platform's basic techniques and design patterns.

However not only individual people were affected by the mobile devies, but they also offered a whole lot of options for companies to achieve their goal. One of their main goal is to advertise their products and services, and get the clients to know them. In this race mobile applications take their part too. The next part of my thesis is about implementing mobile applicaton that functions as a product catalogue. The application recieves the products to be displayed from a remote server, and it shows them to the user in an informative way in synch with Apple's developing guides. I'll show the communication between the client and the server, and I'll also delineate the database handling and it's inner structure. I'll also show how and what way I created the user interface.

The last part of my thesis consists of a summary of my work, and the evaluation of it.


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