Real-time Distributed Simulation on Silverlight Platform

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Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Video games are very popular nowadays. From simple experiments of programmers they have become a productive industry. The numerous programs created by game developer companies amuse millions of people. This world is not only wide-ranging, but confronts those with serious problems, who want to get a taste of this branch of industry. It is often necessary to use military technics for achieving proper quality results, in order to satisfy the ever-growing demands of players.

In my work a special problem, the distributed real-time simulation is taken from its usual environment and examined whether it is possible to be realized in a browser. I have chosen this task because many players do not want to get deeply involved in games, they do not install them, just open them in their browsers. Besides, it means a bigger challange because a program running in browser does not have all the resources which are commonly used in games. I found very few online materials connected with this topic, therefore I think it is not a well researched field.

The obvious approach to this problem was to attempt the realization of such a game. For this, I designed a distributed system running on three different platforms. This system has many modules and it took half a year to implement it. In the game we can fight with space ships against each other, utilizing different types of projectiles. I implemented it with realistic physics and precluded the possibility of cheating, as much as possible.

As a result of my work the game is ready. Meanwhile I could observe the performance of the chosen platform, the Silverlight. I faced with many problems and found a lot of aspects connected with Silverlight, that must be kept in view. My work includes these problems, the development of the game and the results achieved.

As I see, the role of games played in browsers will become more important, more and more people will attempt to make even more complex games of this sort. My work on the Silverliht platform can be an important step taken in this field, I might help others with my attempts and observations.


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