Real time IoT system based on Node.js

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Both the number of devices connected to the Internet (IoT), and their functions grow at an alarming rate, so monitoring them by both locality and functional parameters is important. Since these devices are becoming more and more mainstream among the casual users, it is necessary to ensure the availability and monitor their performace (SLA).

This requirement has produced countless applications, but their overwhelming majority is either too manufacturer, or device specific, or far too complex. Therefore the need for a fast, responsive, and easy to use solution arised, which also supports the currently fastest growing platform, smartphones.

This thesis presents the steps of creating a system that enables the user to seamlessly explore, and gather basic preferences and data from the available IoT devices. With additional information, the devices can be localized, and added to a system, which can also collect functional data depending on the device, for further analysis.

The document is divided into several chapters, which cover the specification, the technical review - focusing on the discovery tools and protocols used in networking - the realization, testing, and the possibilities for further development.


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