Real-time data visualisation framework

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, by the rapidly spreading website based solutions, a lot of data becoma available, at different places, in different formats. Altough displaying these datas at one place is problem, that not has a quite accomplished solution. The main problem is the behavior of different datasources. Mostly the different pace and format of the transmitted datas. Although these datas come from a very wide angle, forinstance temporal datas, share prices, pressure sensors, etc. However you may want to see datas connected to each other at a display, these variety of datas too big this far.

That’s why you need to forget the information ont he datas and handle them the same way. If we can see the datas this way, then they become raw datas, and from there we may have a solution for collecting them. These raw datas can be seen as a database, where they can be stored and selected. But we shouldn’t forget that these datas have some meaning. By this you can select that data from the database whic is not really stored in it, but can be calculated, or predicted from the others. With this solution we can bring these datas to the same level.

These unified datas now can be displayed. So if we could have a famework, with we can collect and store different raw datas, and with the information about them, we can produce a unified data output.

I created a solution for the above problem in my work.


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