Real-time dynamic virtual environments using voxel based modelling tools

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In my project I try to use a C++ library to discover its opportunities in the real time terrain transformation. The library called OpenVDB. This library mostly used in computer animation movies. This is be able to generate a grid of voxels from computer models.

My first task was to compile the OpenVDB code base to Windows operation system. After this I use this compiled library in a standalone C++ program that uses DirectX to render the output on screen and measure its performance to discover the potential for real-time usage.

For example, the questions that is that library fast enough to transform the models and the terrain in real-time. Or it requires some compromise to hide the lack of performance. In a cannon game where we would like to transform the terrain when the cannon ball hit the ground. If the library is powerful enough to produce sixty transformed mesh in every second, this means that it could animate the track of the cannonball in the ground. But if it’s not when the cannon fires we could start calculating the place where the cannonball will hit the ground and calculate the transformed mesh before its needed.

After I finished the things above, I create a Unity game where I use my library that I created around the OpenVDB library. In purpose of test the possibility of using this technology in a real-time game.


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