Realtime painterly rendering and image abstraction techniques

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Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The subject of my thesis is to study the images produced by, among other painterly techniques, the watercolor technique, to produce images similar to those made by the original technique and by doing so, to develop a new shading technique which uses the tools of computer graphics to generate an image similar to those produced by watercolor painting in real life.

The thesis discusses the technical details of many edge-preserving smoothing filters, which were chosen to be the base of image processing because of their results’ resemblance to the real watercolor paintings. The details of this discussion entail the specification, implementation and evaluation of these filter techniques. Their separate evaluation is followed by the overall comparison of the techniques.

In addition the foregoing topics, the thesis is aimed to develop a new technique based on the previous chosen ones, changing its properties with the aim of taking other attributes of the painting process into account, such as the fabric of the paint and the texture of the paper, therefore this technique will result in an image more similar to our initials goals.


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