HTML5-based real-time interactive map application

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


Orientation is an important issue and there are several online applications (Google Maps, Bing Maps) which can help people find their destination. However, the means of orientation inside of buildings needs to be improved yet.

There aren’t any available HTML5-based applications that could display an interactive map of a user-defined building. The HTML5 platform has the enormous advantage that the maps can be displayed in an interactive way without installing any plugins (Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight).

In order to display customized maps, three applications are necessary: a designer, an editor and a displayer application. With the HTML5-based designer application we can define the objects (shapes) of a ground-plan and produce an HTML5-based output. This output will be the input of the editor application, where information can be associated with the shapes. Finally, the HTML5-based map displayer application can display the output of the editor application in an interactive way.

In my thesis I go through the implementation of the editor and displayer applications (the designer application is not part of my thesis). First, I analyzed some existing interactive map displayer applications in order to clarify the goals and requirements. I started the implementation with designing the software architecture, then I created the server-side and the client-side (editor and displayer applications) modules of the application. After that, I solved the real-time issues of the editor application and the easy way of embedding an interactive map into any websites.

The created application met the requirements as I will demonstrate it during my thesis. As a closure of my work I am going to mention some future plans and application areas of the implemented software.


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