HTML5-based real-time collaborative map editor application

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


Today’s information technology sets a high value on working efficiently. One can reach higher performance by dividing a job into sub-tasks and taking the advantage of working on projects simultaneously. Imagine how much time it takes to produce a world map when only one person has the chance to work on it. On the other hand when there is opportunity for synchronous collaboration, it reduces the amount of time consumed by delivering results.

The subject of my thesis is the contemplation and the implementation of a vector graphic map-making application that can run in a web browser and makes simultaneous work possible via the internet. After presenting the currently existing solutions in the market, I review the exact purpose of the application and explicate the planning phase. In this chapter I provide detailed explanation on which technologies have been chosen for the project, determine the objective of the exercise and specify the demands this program will have to meet on the long run. I outline a stereographic view on how the application works: this includes the description of the client side, the server side and the relationship between the two. I shed light on the most important tasks of the collaborative system and demonstrate different solutions for keeping the data synchronized at all times. Henceforth I review the specific details of the application and particularize its most important components in conjunction with the difficulties that may occur. At the end the presentation of an example comes which summarizes the way the system operates in a production environment.

In the final chapter recap the experience I have gathered during both the private and the collective work carried out. I compare the end product with the original goals and mention areas that may be improved in the future.


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