Design and implementation of a real-time communication module with software as a service principles

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the expanding acceptence of open source codes, and the spreading of code-sharing systems and websites, the "don't do it yourself" mentality has become the new standard in software developing. Rather people create their software products using lines of codes published by other people. By choosing the correct packages and libraries and using them, the developement time of a project can be reduced, since these code parts don't have to be implemented and tested.

These completed applications do not always give end-to-end solution to a problem, however they provide a built-in-able modul, that can be integrated into other programs to add new functionalities to them.

In this thesis, I present a JavaScript application I have developed, which is a chat module that can be built into Webshops to help costumers communicate with the employees of the shops. I describe the inner structure of the application, its architecture, the steps of it’s designing, and the process of it’s integration.

While designing and implementing the application I was aiming to use as many moduls and packages I could, choosing from the most popular ones. These will also be described in this paper.


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