Realtime bookmark sharing application

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

According to today’s browsing habits, almost all browserss can achieve some level of bookmarking. However, user needs often go beyond the implemented functionality and require them to access bookmarks on multiple devices in platform-independent ways. In addition to meet the sharing habbits that are increasingly popular today, they want to share their bookmarks and bookmark categories with others.

In my thesis, I designed and implemented a real-time bookmarking application, that tries to solve this problem and raise the bookmarking process to a higher level.

In Chapter 1, I show bookmarking as a function from the perspective of today's average user and the more complex business environment. In Chapter 2, I detail the interpretation of the task received and the system plan drawn up by the conclusions drawn from this. In Chapter 3, I present the structure and communication of web applications from the technological point of view. In Chapter 4, I deals with the presentation of the technologies used. In Chapter 5, I describe the work what I have done with all difficulties and problems. In Chater 6, I deals with the testing of the system at different load levels. Finally, in Chapter 7, I briefly evaluate my work and describe some possibilities for further development of the completed application.


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