Implementation of a real-time correction positioning system

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

“We reap what we sow”, goes the old adage. It is important for every person to get the most out of themselves or other things, being natural or artificial. It can not only please us that well-crafted work is more valuable, but it can bring benefits to the collective society. In several areas of life, precision increases the profit, as it helps to utilize the resources in the most effective way. Such as in agriculture, where we want to utilize as much area, as we can. This can be done by improving the efficiency of cultivating the area, avoiding excess overlaps.

The average satellite navigation solutions work just with 1 to 2 meters accuracy. Units with more precise antennas can achieve decimeter precision, but we can improve this if we get to know the real-time kinematic concept.

The aim of this degree thesis is designing and constructing of such a system. Describing the respected reader about the details of how the system works. It presents the built hardware and the related software.


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