Real Time Online Multiplayer Game on ASP.NET Core

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Playing games from childhood to one’s senior years is an essential element of our source of joy and relaxation, whether social or computerized, against each other or in a team. During a game we can improve some of our abilities without straining, using more sensory organs to make decisions, thinking about visuals and sounds, and communicating between opponents and teammates. It is worth pointing out that during a game we can become things that we cannot be in real life, so we can feel that nothing is impossible.

In the 21st century the evolution of computers and consoles in gaming has attracted users with better and better gaming experiences. It extends the palette to allow game manufacturers to make online features and full online game modes available to users to gain a greater market share, from which we have reached the point that there is now an unprecedented amount of online games available exclusively online for the general public. Because of the web, there is no need for a separate installation or a dedicated hardware component, so you can play online with others or with friends.

In my dissertation, I briefly describe the technologies I have chosen and studied, including the most important foundations and components, and in the second part of my thesis I present the design and implementation of the server side of a real-time online multiplayer game, detailing the important elements of game logic, the timing of the server-client interaction and the solutions to problems encountered.


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